Jul. 7th, 2013

I listen to CBC podcasts regularly. I recently listened to a 2 part series about moral philosophy, titled My Brother's - And My Sister's - Keeper. Links follow; be aware that if you click on the link, the (audio) podcast will start playing, making these not work safe for shared office space, unless you have your speakers muted.
  • Part 1, on individual responsibility
  • Part 2, on collective responsibility

    The first of these annoyed me to the point where I nearly didn't finish it, so I'm well over my threshold for wanting to talk back. But perhaps it's better to approach the same topic myself, without any footnotes to philosophers, and minimal jargon. And instead of surveying the field, I'm going to talk about what I believe, and why. Perhaps I'll make no more sense than the average undergraduate in Philosophy 101, but I have hopes to do a bit better than that.

    As is perhaps obvious from the title, the topic was the degree to which humans have a moral responsibility to assist other humans, in particular to alleviate suffering.

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