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Once upon a time, in a land far away, I met an individual I had no hesitation in diagnosing as a sociopath. I'll call him S, and me A. Here's the story as best I recall it:

  • S and A are casual and recent acquaintances
  • S asks to use A's phone. It's a fixed-in-place phone located in A's bedroom.
  • A gives S privacy for S's phone call.

    Next morning:

  • A is getting ready for work
  • A gathers up keys, wallet, etc from the dresser where they live overnight
  • A's credit card is missing.
  • A searches and cannot find the card
  • A eventually gives up, not wanting to be late for work, and calls the credit card company to report a lost card. A is embarassed, sure the cat had knocked the card behind the furniture or something.


  • A gets phone call at work; someone had tried to use the card. They had run off when approval had seemed to be taking too long.


  • A gets phone call at home, from S. S is furious with A because S had almost been caught by the cops.
  • A basically says - of course I protected myself when I discovered the card lost. What did you expect?

    Some days later:

  • S calls A, wanting to sell A something.

    At the time, I figured S for an idiot, as well as a sociopath. Precisely what did S expect A to do when the card was missed? I also figured S was a socipath only because of the angry phone call; otherwise the hypothesis would have been that S was "just" a thief.

    Now I'm wondering. If A had been replaced by N (a neurotypical), what would N have done? Would N have reported the lost card? Would N have reacted to S's angry phone call with sympathy and/or placation?
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    I would have reported the card stolen. When S called, I would have yelled back at him for being a fucking thief. If I was that nice. I might have told him to never come near me, or I'd call the cops. Or I'd have just hung up and called the cops.

    The point is, I would not have placated some stupid thief, psycho or not. If he called me back, I'd have assumed he was a stalker.



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