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This blog was created after attending an adacamp. The purpose is to think through reactions to the experience, and to the socio-political positions of participants and organizers. It may eventually branch out into other topics in the general area of "geek feminism."

The following concept of feminism is being used, from the Geek feminism wiki page titled "Feminism 101".

Feminists come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and genders. (Yes, men can be feminists.) There is likewise a wide range of political thought and ways of expressing feminism. Not all feminists think alike, but if you support the idea of respect and equality for women, then you are a feminist.

Your author is a female-assigned kernel developer, with very little gender identification, and some tendency to "act like a man" in ways (some) feminists don't appreciate in (male) allies.

She is not especially familiar with the current terminology of feminism or gender studies, and finds that this terminology while perhaps useful for communicating among insiders, also works quite efficiently at excluding outsiders. An attempt will be made to either avoid this terminology, or define it when it gets used.

The account name is an allusion to the *nix kernel source - in many *nix kernels, the file locore.s contains fundamental kernel code, written in assembly language because it is too machine-dependent to be implemented in any high level language. Each computer architecture has its own version of locore.s. Many kernel developers these days lack the knowledge to understand this file and the operations it implements, so folks who do are sometimes seen as ubergeeks even among kernel developers.
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